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Implementing Environmental and Social Governance Principles for Mineral Companies (ESG)

Companies that follow the principles of environmental, social and corporate governance (ESG) become more attractive to potential investors and employees. ESG principles must be implemented at all levels: business, municipality, city, country, suppliers and consumers.

In this regard, work is underway to analyze the prospects of integrating ESG principles into the management structure of mineral companies and the impact of these principles on business profitability in the context of the current climate agenda and the increasing pressure on the sector by public organizations and politicians at various levels.
Even today, the largest banks in our country and in the world have introduced ESG-evaluation of companies into the lending process. In the future this trend will become much more evident, as the state will establish unified ESG-criteria and on their basis will create an institution of verification. In other words, those production facilities, which do not comply with the principles of sustainable development, will start to experience significant problems with attraction of investments.

Today scientists of the Mining University are working on development strategies of their partners and scientific support of specific projects and take into account the need of ESG principles implementation. Among them are improvement of corporate management standards, expanded social package for employees, adaptation programs for young people at the companies, introduction of certification of specialists for the status of "Professional Mining Engineer", and minimization of adverse impact on the environment. The last point assumes not only introduction of modern available technologies, but also planting of trees, stocking of rivers, study of physical and mechanical properties of the waste rock, which remains after extraction of the useful component. This is necessary in order to understand where it can be used: for backfilling roads, improving dams, or for other purposes.