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Study of deep thermodynamic processes. Obtaining new knowledge in the field of hydrocarbon genesis

The existing understanding of the process of oil and gas biogenesis assumes absurdly long periods of oil and gas formation (100-300 million years). In this connection, today more and more scientists include in the sphere of their scientific interests the search and study of another theory of hydrocarbons origin. It is extremely important to make this search purposeful and organized. The study of thermodynamic equilibrium between different individual hydrocarbon components of natural oils led to the conclusion that their chemical composition, in general, corresponds to high-temperature thermodynamics. The impulse for the development of the theory of abiogenous deep genesis of hydrocarbons was given by the results of experimental studies, obtained in the last two decades.

Investigations by specialists of the Mining University are aimed at development of the domestic school of inorganic origin of oil. The goal is to uncover the mysteries of the geological structure of the deep centers of hydrocarbon generation, the composition and properties of the coromantium material and the original donors of oil and gas. Among a huge variety of issues requiring in-depth study one can single out the study of the laws of deep thermodynamics and fluid dynamics, oil and gas reservoirs and traps, development of scientific bases of forecasting and methods of quantitative assessment of oil-and-gas bearing capacity prospects and oil-and-gas geological zoning of bowels, development of practical methods and technologies of search, exploration and development of deep oil.